Easy Quadropod Construction

Hello to you all,

I'm pretty new to Arduino, though I have made simples projects, such as three moving servomotors to make simple "pliers" (with three servomotors). And I'm coming here because I want to make something a bit better but I wish to get some advice before buying the pieces and getting myself ready.

I want to do a Quadropod, but a cheap one, that doesn't cost too much to build, because I don't have lots of equipment. What I want to know is if I can make a structure that could work with :

12 HKSCM9-5 Digital Servos An Arduino Uno A USB cable to Arduino as a Power source A thin plank of wood to build the structure

I think the price for all that stuff could be less than 60 dollars.

Do you think the servos and that Arduino are good enough ? Or, is there some kind of better cheap servos I could get ?

Many thanks in advance

I don't think you will be able to power 12 servos from a USB port. Servos can draw up to 1000 mA each and the USB port is only good for 500 mA.