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I'm a newbie to the arduino. I'm working on a project that turns a 18vdc motor on and off with one momentary switch and turn the motor off and turn on a 12vdc light and buzzer with a separate switch. I have been trying to figure out how to wire the motor through a 4 board relay with the switches to the arduino. I haven't found a video or diagram that shows how to wire a motor through a relay using a switch and arduino.

What relay board do you have?
To be clear, you want to control: one motor, a light and a buzzer with an Arduino through a relay board?

Wow. Nice response time LarryD. Appreciate it. The relay is a 4 relay module (amazon link below) and yes sir, pretty much going to push a momentary switch #1 to start the motor and stop the motor, if momentary Switch #2 is pressed while the motor is running then the motor stops and the light and buzzer activate.

What electronics background do you have?
What programming experience do you have?

Read this:

Thanks LarryD. I pretty much have most of it wired up. I have the momentary switches doing what they are supposed to be doing but they are on a breadboard going to an led. I need to put the relay/ motor in place of the led. The wiring from the breadboard/arduino to the relay/18vdc power supply/motor is what is stumping me. I have never wired a relay before.

How many amps is your motor rate for?
Better still do you have a link to the motor?

See image for motor wiring, ignore numbers on the schematic:



I don't have the specs on the motor but I can see if I can find them. I'm using a 18vdc cordless drill motor from harbor freight.

Arduino to relay PCB:


JD-Vcc jumper installed.

Here's what I'm working with. Btw . I can't thank you enough LarryD. You are the man!

Here's the picture

Where :o

Sorry, file was too large.

Wow. Nice response time LarryD. Appreciate it.

We're like CSI Miami. We never close.

Got it working. LarryD is the man. Now to add lights and buzzer.

Lots of us here ready help as needed, we have a great community.

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Will do raschemmel. Still new to all of this.

I don't see an option to change the topic to solved though