Easy VR Shield 3 HELP!

The Program EasyVR Commander has a drop down box where you need to select the com port. Make sure the correct port is selected.

It looks like the EasyVR shield includes some jumpers. Have you set these for the Leonardo? A picture of your setup might help us find a problem.

It’s possible to communicate with EasyVR without an Arduino if you have a serial to USB adapter. Do you have a serial to USB adapter to use as an alternative to the Arduino?

Do you have any other Arduino boards?

I have a Quick USB cable but, i don't have another arduino board. I upload a photo un 2 hours.

Easy VR + Arduino Leonardo:


I'll write up a response on a wet paper towel, and post a fuzzy, poorly lit, picture of that. When I get around to it.

It looks like for the Leonardo you need to follow the directions on the bottom half of page 22 of the user manual. This is a link to the pdf.

I believe you have the jumper in the wrong position. According to page 22 you should use the “HW” position.

I've already done but nothing , I get into the serial port but it say if easyVR is not detected.

Did you try the "Test Shield with Arduino" section on page 22? Did you send a question mark? What did the terminal window display?

I have proven the test EasyVr but does not work, in the serial monitor say: Bridge not started, then: EasyVR not detected. But sometimes I get only EasyVR not started.

Based on the photo you provided, I think it's safe to assume you soldered the headers onto the EasyVR module yourself right?

I think you need to redo the solder joints. Watch some YouTube videos on the topic. I believe Adafruit has a soldering tutorial which is pretty good.

I don't think the EasyVR is making all the connections with the shield it needs to in order to communicate with the Arduino.

I took it to a shop for me welded with tin.
Other photo:

I can't see the solder joints in those pictures.

Here's a picture of some soldered joints. The one marked with a red "X" is not very good.


Only the ones with a green check mark are good solder joints.

The other joints are probably working okay but ideally the solder should look like the ones with green check marks.

It would help if you could take a similar picture of the joints on your board. You need to use a lot of light in order to get a good photo.

Two photos: https://gyazo.com/c7b15c11fdd854a0d0ac6f8a58c8a940 https://gyazo.com/5462ede4100e92015c2143f87c3dc9c1

The soldering doesn't look good but I'm surprised it's not good enough to work. A couple of those solder joints just look like drops of solder.

I'm not sure it's your problem, but that soldering looks bad enough that I think it's worth having it redone.

but the board if it works because i can open EasyVR Commander and I put audio.

Hi Marcos, I think we may be having a language problem.

Marcos122122: but the board if it works because i can open EasyVR Commander and I put audio.

I don't understand what you mean by the sentence quoted above.

How do you "put audio" into the EasyVR? Is this the "Update Sound Table" under "Tools"?

I'm not sure if your version of EasyVR Commander uses the same words as my English version does but the "Update Sound Table" is available when the EasyVR is not connected. I don't know if we are talking about the same thing or not.

No, i meant that my EasyVR board works in EasyVR Commander program.

Marcos122122: No, i meant that my EasyVR board works in EasyVR Commander program.

Then it seems like the problem is with the EasyVR to Arduino connections. Figure out which pins are used when the Arduino and the EasyVR try to communicate and redo the soldering on those pins.

If you paid someone to do that soldering job, you paid too much. That soldering is awful. Awful looking soldering sometimes works but it's pretty clear something isn't working for you and it sure seems like the soldering job is a likely cause of the trouble.


I'm using EasvyVR3 over ethernet shield, separately easy and ethernet works fine, but when I try to put easy over ethernet doesn't work. I think that something is wrong with the ports, because maybe ethernet and easy uses the port 12 and 13, how I can change the easyVR ports?? Excuse my ignorance..but I'm newie :(


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