Easy way to control 2 DC motors with Encoders

I bought a couple cheap telescope mounts off of ebay with the intention of using them for some projects. the first project is just simple camera pan tilt mount where I can shoot time lapse photos starting at say point A and moving slowly to point B. The second project is much more complicated in that I want to build an autonomous astrophotography rig. I am not a total newb with Arduino. I have built projects with this type mount before. The first one is a rig I built for a friend of mine that follows rockets after being launched from NASA in florida. It uses a simple IR imaging camera and mic to detect the launch and then follow the rocket up as it goes into orbit as well as a relay to tell it to open the shutter on the camera for continuous shooting.

Anyway, the first project was easy because there was no need for position control. with the other two projects I would like to be able to control exactly where the camera starts, stops as well as speed and other stuff. So i need to learn to use encoders. I know astrophotography very well so I dont need any help with that part. Been doing that my whole life. What i need help with is an easy way to hook up 2 dc motors with encoders and get them running with feedback with some sample code.

also any reference that helps with identifying the actual wiring on the encoder would be useful as well. I have tried to reference the motors but they are made by Celestron and dont seem to have any information on them at all.

Photos of the motors? Do they have rear shafts for encoders?

it has an encoder on the back of the motor. Its 4 wires. two are black and red, I assume thats 5v+ and grnd. the others are brown and white.

I can control the motor with my motor shield, however I want to be able to count tics and control it better.


would something like this possibly work with the arduino motor shield from RS? i think its version 3.0.