Easy way to interface an Arduino sensor to a Raspberry Pi via wireless interface

Hope this acceptable to post this here, but I just put my first Indigo crowdfunder project for Arduino.

It is a an Arduino Pro Micro shield with all kinds of usefull stuff like a 433 Mhz transmitter and reciever, a Dallas 18B20 temperature sensor, an RGB LED, button, buzzer etc.

The best part is that the board also has a equivalent for Raspberry Pi. I supply plenty of good easy to use examples of how to send data between Arduino and a Raspberry Pi or between two Arduino board.

The main purpose of the project is to make it easy to prototipe wireless projects, because I supply pre-built working hardware and example code. So you can concentrate on your own application without having to waste time on first building up prototipe boards etc. Perfect also for someone just learning Arduino or Raspberry Pi.

Please check out the project here : EasyPeasy | Indiegogo

Looking forward to hear your feedback.