Easy windows program.. but I'm a unix guy..

I created a few small displays that I want to give to coworkers.

I have a ruby script that calls a url and sends the body of the response to the arduino. Problem is, I need this to work as a standalone program on a windows system. Can anyone point me in the right direction to do the following:

  1. Connect and obtain response from url
  2. For each line of body response, send to arduino and sleep ~.1 sec or more.

Seems simple, but I’ve never programmed anything for Windows.

just out of sheer overkill look into processing, that is what the IDE is based on and it spits out java exe’s for nix mac windows and web pages

its pretty easy to goof around in too

I figured that might be one way to go…

If I write some code in nix… will it compile the same on windows?

Depends entirely on whether you’re using libraries that are supported on Windows. In a previous life I wrote some C++ code that connected to a yahoo group server and scraped the messages from it.

These days I’d use C#, which makes it simpler. You can get the C# stuff as part of the Visual Studio Express edition (or I think there is a separate Visual C# Express edition download.