EasyDriver + 100mA unipolar motor

I got a AK17/1.10F6LN1.8 motor, is a 12V bipolar motor that uses 100mA/phase when used in unipolar mode. EasyDriver specification is from 150mA/phase to 750mA/phase, is there any problem to use easydriver to drive this motor?

Do you have a link to its datasheet or similar?

Link to the data sheet here http://www.neoyama.com.br/produtos-para-fabricantes-de-maquinas/motor-de-passo/motor-de-passo-nema-17-torque-1.html?sef_rewrite=1

If you use this motor in bipolar mode, leaving the center taps open, the winding resistance is 140 ohms and the rated maximum current is 70 mA/winding. I don't use the BED but I believe that the 150-750 mA are the limitations of the current limiting circuitry of the driver. Since the motor does not require current limiting if the power supply is 16.8 V or less, I suspect you can just ignore that feature of the driver -- as long as you use only full step mode. However, microstepping depends on current limiting and probably won't work.

Right, its 6-wire so can be used as unipolar or bipolar.

The general rule is if it take X amps in unipolar mode (one winding active)
you can use X/sqrt(2) amps in bipolar mode to give sqrt(2) times more torque.

Hence 70mA in bipolar compared to 100mA in unipolar.

Unipolar drive with 2 windings active is also X/sqrt(2) compared to 1 winding

These are purely thermal dissipation limits.