easyVR constraints on dynamic(live) chat

does anyone know how to capture a live chat (or even just a name) using a mic with easyVR module and save it in EEPROM in a string array? of course EEPROM on UNO has memory restrictions too of just 512 bytes. this would then be more of a natural chat. there is an existing code to capture as an integer value, which can be manipulated and then recall it. since the mic in EasyVR is restricted to pre-programming for SD commands, there is no facility to capture a chat LIVE (dynamic) on the 'go'. probably ROBOTECH should look into this. pl. help.

I saw no indication that the easyvr was capable of doing that when I tried using it.

I was profoundly disappointed with it, and gave up. Recognition was poor, and it had too many limitations. We get used to siri/alexa/etc, and how good their recognition is - and forget that they rely on cloud computing to do the heavy lifting.

hello DrAzzy ,

I share your frustration. anyway resonance makes a big difference. in my living room its worse than in my bedroom. if u install the mic as per spec on easyvr manual, you get a better response. yes siri has servers behind it called cloud - we have to play with a tiny memory. anyway if it was dynamic it would simulate siri. okay I just tried with siri - even it cant STORE anything while on the go. I just chatted with it and said - my name is sunil - it responded - my name is sunil searching on the web!!!! omg! ha ha! this was exactly I thought it just goes to web and find answers! siri is not storing anything while chatting(I hope I am correct) - so NO THINKING - however Sophia stores and thinks before responding - which is SUPER AI. this is getting juicier by the day!