EasyVR help!!!

Hi everyone, I just purchased an EasyVR from Veear and I am attempting to operate it using the Arduino Uno. The company states that the two are compatible however ever time I attempt to connect I receive the error message "cannot detect device connected to port com3". I did some research and found I need to have a "bridge" program that can be downloaded from the arduino site but have found no such code. Can anyone shed some insight into my issue or direct me to this "bridge" program? Any help would be greatly appreciated

Must you post the same question in three different sections of this forum? It really upsets some people and sure to get fragmented answers at best. I hope you get conflicting advice from the different sections. ;)

Well as I am unsure as to which section would best answer my initial question

Moderator: In which case your best course of action is to ask.

Be assured that I have no intent on upsetting anybody on this forum

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Edit: Moderator edited to remove personal insults.

Thank you for that, and you too have a nice day.

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