EasyVR + motor shield on Leonardo/Romeo

I am just trying to make sure I understand how the EasyVR works. Does it have to be connected to a computer to do the voice recognition? I am hoping for a standalone VR solution that I can put on my robot. "ROBOT STOP" "ROBOT MOVE FORWARD", etc. If I have to have the arduino connected to my computer, then it won't be very good for a robot. Reading through the users guide, it seems that the EasyVR must be connected to a computer to really be able to do anything. Or am I missing something?

It would be very nice if you post links to the hardware you’re using. I don’t want to google around just to find some other hardware named similarily. And there are dozens of motor shields out in the wild…

That's fair... Sorry. I have seen several posts here about it so I thought it was pretty popular. No worries :slight_smile:

EasyVR: easyvr-arduino-shield – Fortebit

User guide: http://download.tigal.com/veear/EasyVR_User_Manual_3.4.2.pdf

You need a PC to prepare the shield (uploading sound tables and maybe a new firmware) but you don't need it for the operation. So if you want to change the available commands you need the PC connected but once that is done the shield operates with the Arduino it's only companion.