EasyVr Shield 2.0 to control Transmitter (LED's for now)

Hi everyone. First off, I am brand spanking new to the world of Arduino, EasyVR, and programming in general. My original thought was to learn how to get LED's to turn on and off using the EasyVR Shield 2.0 + Arduino UNO R3, and once I got the hang of that then I could learn the programming to send something like a one second pulse through to a transmitter (let's say my gate or garage) to simulate my finger pressing the button of the transmitter to send the signal. The problem is I am totally getting lost in the programming. I am trying to veer away from just copy and pasting codes blindly till something works. I'd like to learn why certain signals go to certain pins and be able to notice it when I see it in the code and change it to what I need or desired, as I assume once I learn that I could then learn how to manipulate all kinds of things electrically through the coding or through the programming of devices such as Arduino and/or EasyVR

I'm not sure if anybody has the time or patience to kinda guide me through this process I am trying to learn, but all I really need to know is: 1) Where can I find a simple code for turning 1-3 LED's on and off? and, 2) Where can I find a diagram to see exactly how to wire that up so that it works as the codes states it should? I have found all kinds of codes for a lot of different things, including turning LED's on and off using EasyVR, but I can't understand where to place the wires and into which pins and how to connect all of that to the LED's.

I know some of you must be thinking that this is like the most simplest part of everything, and I apologize ahead of time, but like I said I am brand spanking new and I thought to myself that I can either sit here and wish I knew how to do all this stuff or I can actually go out and buy it and dive right into it. So I decided to not let life pass me by. I literally have no programming knowledge (like zero) and no knowledge about Arduino and EasyVR. I have managed to download the EasyVR libraries into Arduino, get connected onto the correct COM port and upload EasyVR Bridge to the Arduino. I've also been able to load up Commander and program some commands to my voice, which I've checked with the serial port and characters come back. I guess I now just need to know how/where to hook the LED's up and how to get them to respond to my voice commands. It's been a few days now and I'm getting frustrated.

I really would just like to go straight to hooking up my transmitter with the right sketch to do so, but at the same I know I should at least learn this LED programming thing first.

Any help or any direction in this matter is truly much appreciated. Thanks.

Anyone? Please...

Have you figured out anything yet? If not, I may be able to help…