EasyVR wireless transmission using Xbee

Hi , I mounted my EasyVR shield 2.0 on an arduino mega 2560 and connect a Xbee module to my mega (powered up by a 9V battery) through the easyvr shield through the pins (Din → Tx , Dout → Rx , 5V → 5V and Gnd → Gnd). On the receiving end , I am using a Xbee holder with a Xbee mounted on it , and connected to a computer. The problem I am facing is that the communication between the two Xbees lose sync frequently and the connection between them isn’t persistent. Can anyone help me out with this issue? Thanks in advance.


EasyVR_publisher.ino (3.25 KB)

powered up by a 9V battery

You're kidding, right? Put that back in the smoke detector you stole it from, and use a real battery (pack).