EasyVR with external power supply

Hi, I´ve got this problem, I´m working with easyVR arduino shield, and it works great when I´m connected by USB to the pc, but when I use it just with external power supply It doesnt get started (green led bright once, when EasyVR is detected) or just hangs after I sayd one word and never come back again antil I unplag and plug it again.

Does any one knows whats is going on?


What voltage and current is your external power supply rated at? When it is plugged in and the USB cable is unplugged, what voltage do you measure on the 5 volt pin? What is the voltage on the Vin pin?

ok, the external power supply is 7v and 1000mA

What I have checkd and should tell you, is that this errors are happening at both ways of connection, by external power supply and by USB.

The two problems are now identificated, one, the hangs at the begining is because the EasyVR is not detected, I´m not sure how to fix it, becuase if I do a software reset it dosen´t detect it any way.

The second hangs, when it recognize the first word I say is obviusly when it is procesing the voyce but don´t know why.

Any help would be welcome.