Ebay - Arduino Starter Kit

Hey there!

I want to start my adventure with Arduino but I need one, and other stuff.

I want to spend 36$ max - I know it's not really high but..
Which one of the starter kits should I buy?

I don't want to spend fortune on shipping.

And I saw really good prices in China shops on ebay.

And yeah, I know that MOST of the start kits on Ebay have that fakey Arduino UNO. Just, I want to have a real Leonardo or something like that, I do not need many features, just like basics.

A clone might be a good start point but try avoid the Leonardo and stick with a UNO as there are some minor limitations on the Leos.

You may also find that the starter kit components don't always work as well as intended or become useful in projects of your own making.

That said they do provide a good learning point to grasp the basics of sensors.

Many of the kits vary slightly so get the best you can afford with as many items as you can.
After 2 years I finally got around to using the hall sensors in my kit in an actual project as end stops for a 3 axis device I am building out of salvaged printer parts and also using a stepper motor that came in one of the kits.

Once you can afford to please consider buying a REAL arduino as the build quality is often many times better than the Chinese clones. It would also be a way of showing appreciation for everyone who simply volunteers around here.