Ebay bad deals (warning: may contain rant & rave)

I thought someone should start a topic on Ebay bad deals since there is an Ebay good deals topic. Never thought it’d be me ;D >:(

I purchased a bunch of 3.5mm stereo audio jacks from a seller at a very low price, trusting the seller on “quality imports aero space quality” catch phrases. The end results are here:

Ebay link:

Most are not as that bad but here’s my message to the seller:
These are cheap knock-off items, no way are they quality imports or aero-space quality items. Maybe the Challenger used one of them. Most of them need a shave on leftover plastic to sit flat on a PCB and positioning pins vary in height from side to side for some of them. Someone pirated an original item with a cheap mold. The plastic is brittle and three of them are very distorted. The casing of one of these three easily breaks off at my finger press. The rest of them mostly have a slight dove tail instead of square shape. I’m afraid the contacts will fly out after some usage because the casing is neither strong nor exact in size. Sorry pal. Either your eyes cheated you or else. I’m not leaving a feedback now since I can’t do a neutral of negative on a power seller like you within 7 days. I’m open for solutions, except for sending everything back for another $5 and lose original shipping.
Take a look at the worst three:

Whoa! They look like they’ve been melted.


Eeeekkk… maybe they’ve already been to space and back and that was the result of re-entry?

They are truly shocking

This is where you practice your Right to Return!

If not, open up a beautiful dispute and give them 1 star ratings.

Got to love eBay… to be honest, I’m a bit surprised you’d get something like that from an American seller.

In my warehouse today, the temperature got to 102F with ventilation, out in the sun I was able to liquefy a glass coffee jar of shellac flakes (and it was over 60% humidity today too yay)

something in a insulated box sitting in the sun sealed up in a larger box (ie truck trailer) could be subject to heat that would drop a average person in a second, I know I did a damage report in the back of a semi truck today (damn factory sending me bunk parts), and in just over 10 min I had drank a 20 oz bottle of water that was mostly ice when I entered

just saying … before you go all Rambo on that arse