eBay for DIY electronics - Testers wanted - SF ONLY

Hey guys,

I really hope I'm not breaking protocol by posting this; mods please feel free to delete!

I built an iPhone app called FOBO (stands for Free Or Best Offer). It's sort of like a hybrid between Craigslist and eBay. Auctions are really fast (97 minutes) and local (so no shipping). There are already hundreds of people on it.

I have a huge stockpile of shields and boards I want to pass along to people just getting started with DIY, and thought some of you here might like to do the same. If you're in San Francisco, check it out! I'll be giving away a few of my boards, soldering irons etc. over the next few days.

fobo.net or search for "FOBO" on the App Store (look for the green UFO icon).

I'm totally accessible if you have any questions: my username @gmail.com, or around the mission if anyone ever wants to meet up!


PS - LMK if you sign up and I'll wave any fees (normally takes a 15% cut, my username is "ed")