Ebola solution

Ok. I put this in the joke section but the joke is not so funny if radically contagious strain mutates in the future.

We have pretty much raped out planet in every way possible. Given the number of species of animal that will and have become extinct as a direct result of human activity is it so unreasonable to suggest a monkey cull given they pass on these virus and thus may be the only existing necessary form of animal cruelty ever to exist, considering how much damage overall we already have and continue to make?

I'm not sure I even see the joke part, let alone understand it.

ok well im proposing we take shotguns and shoot all the primates to prevent the on spread of virus that kill people and well only recently a group has been lobbying for them to have the same legal rights as humans so its a joke in that it would never happen even if it was the only prevention means.

Why only primates? Lets kill all of the chickens and pigs in the world too that are carriers for flu & SARS etc... Why not cull people too. They do the spreading as well.

See, I'm joking. It's obvious you don't understand how diseases work.

ps. Ebola is carried through bats as well.

(personal opinion)

The biggest enemy of diseases is ignorance followed by denial.

In the middle ages we had the plague, later cholera etc, all diseases as deadly as Ebola is now. By learning about hygiene we have conquered a lot of them.

And yes hygiene alone will not remove Ebola from earth, but it will prevent/reduce the speed of spreading we see now. By far the most people are infected by human to human, far more than by monkeys.

wrt to your "solution": Killing monkeys will not stop Ebola from spreading as it is only one of the possible carriers as said before. Stop eating them has probably far more effect.

A decent reader about Ebola - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ebola_virus_epidemic_in_West_Africa -

well yea the chickens and pigs probably a good thing to rid of too id say i mean we would need to kill any we just need to stop the international export import of things that could carry something extremely contagious so at least spread rate is damped so an initial outbreak of a particularly virulent strain doesn't spread as quick.

well yea the chickens and pigs probably a good thing to rid of too

Hey! Leave my bacon alone!

While you're at it, let's kill all mosquitoes. I'll give you all the fly swatters and bug zappers you can carry.

far out imagine how gay it would be if lucas tried to introduce some kind of ewok jedi main character in one of the next ones they make? nah its ok ill leave the animals alone then human sacrifice for science taylor from x - factor.

jraskell: Hey! Leave my bacon alone!

..... and the eggs

Reminds me of Cats blamed for Black Plague