EBYTE nRF52832 based debug board, no Arduino markings

Recently I bought a debug board based on nRF52832 from Ebyte. I looked at the user manual of the board, but I did not find a word there about the correspondence of the conclusions of this board to the conclusions of Arduino. I was hoping to see something similar, as other firms do.
How to work with this board in Arduino IDE platform? I am asking you to help me find the Arduino pins for the board. Thank you in advance.

photo of the board

Any help;


There are a lot of such lessons on the Internet. They are considering debug boards for nRF52 from other manufacturers. Other manufacturers besides EBYTE include Arduino contacts on their boards. Firm EBYTE does not give the Arduino labeling. Therefore, it is impossible to even blink with any LED. For example D8. I am silent about difficult tasks.

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