ECC508 config to maximize reuse

I’ve been reading ECC508 complete datasheet. It seems that this chip contains lots of “one time programming” bits.
In particular, many features (most notably the random number generator) do not work without “locking the config”, but once the config is locked it can never be modified or unlocked.

I wonder what config is best so that I can use a single unit for as many purpose as possible?
I want to be able to use ECDSA, ECDH, SHA, HMAC, and be able to overwrite private keys as I need to.

I am having the same problem, I don't want to lock it and buy a new one if something is not configured properly afterwards.

It seems like the only examples available for the ECC508, want you to lock it yourself beforehand, to be able to use the RNG.
There seems to be no example using anything other than the ECC508s RNG.
The ECCX08 library provides the lock() function but you have to add it to your sketch and potentially "brick" the chip yourself.