ECG and GPRS shield compatible? And working with battery?

Hello guys,

I’m new to this whole arduino development things, so please dont punch me for my questions :slight_smile:
But arduino looks really great, so I want to increase my knowledge and start with a projekt:

I want to create an ecg (electro cardiogram) device, running with battery and sending data via gprs to a webserver:

My basis would be an arduino ( i dont know which, but i think smalles possible (tip which would work? :slight_smile: )) with 2 shields:

As battery i would like to use some high capacity mignon/aa rechargeable batteries (4x1,2 Volt with 2700mAh each) .

Do you think this would work?
Im not very good in electronic calculations, and I would like to ensure that i dont waste much money for components which wont work together. I also read that some shields cant work together, because the use the same software/hardware serial ports… But I dont understand the manuals and which ports are when used or how…

Can you maybe help me? :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot!


The GPRS shield uses digital pins 0 and 1 or pins 7 and 8 for serial communication with the Arduino. It uses pin 9 for power.

The other shield uses all the analog pins and digital pin 4 or 9 (9 is the default; there is a jumper to select pin 4 instead).

So, you should be able to use the two shields together. Sending the volume of data that the ECG shield generates by GPRS may be a problem.