ECG shield: anyone interested in getting involved?

Hi everybody,

I thought about building a low cost ECG based on the Arduino. My first goal is to develop a shield and a firmware and in combination with the "poor mans oscilloscope" in Processing one could build a pretty simple ECG.

Is anyone interested in getting involved in that project?

The first goal would be to develop a single-lead ECG monitor with a optocoupler for savety issues and a bandpass filter for filtering low and high frequency noise. The visualization of the data would be on the computer.

So if you want to join or have any contributions please let me know.

kind regards

I'm interested

me too
first someone should find best amplifiers and filters by testing them on oscilloscope, and then trying on put them on arduino

Well I don't have an interest in ECG applications specifically but I would be interested in programmable gain and offset, differential input, possibly programmable filtering, etc. The analog inputs built into the AVR are useful and fun but serious low level analog needs better input conditioning, and increased resolution and better noise isolation.

So I will be following progress in this thread. Low level signal processing requires more then just wiring some chips up, good board layout and good analog and digital power seperation are needed for best results.


somehow that project dozed off...
I made some experiments last year with an op amp and the arduino, but I couldn't get my ecg... didn't have someone to ask and I don't have an oscilloscope, so I focused on other things...

I guess (i'm not an analog circuit expert) we should have an op amp circuit for amplifing the ecg signal (maybe with adjustable gain) and on the other side the arduino code, which implements a bandpass filter, and the communication with a computer (processing e.g.) for visualization...

what do you think?

Hi! This idea sounds really good, I am interested into participating. I have some experience already with ecg circuit developing.

I have build already a Ramsey Electronics ECG kit which works really great and ouputs analog signal that can be read by arduino, but it a bit big to consider it portable. So my current target is to build a small ecg board and hook it in the arduino so that i can do further processing (like QRS detection) or just send it wirelessly through a bluetooth module.

The main idea is indeed to use an op amplifier to be able to read the signal. But then you need some filters (H/W like capacitors or S/W based) to remove various noise

Great site with lots of info and ECG circuits example is the following:

A Simple circuit can also be found here:

Im interested too!

I am also interested in making a portable and low-cost ECG system for QRS detection but would like to add a pulse oximeter to it as well. Has anyone been working on this?

There's a pulse oximeter project by a guy called Meng Li. Link to follow when the system let's me make links.