Eclipse path problem


After installing Arduino IDE 1.6.5 (Win8) and a successful upload to teensy 3.1, I wanted to do my code development in Eclipse with the arduino plugin.

I installed Eclipse Arduino IDE, which already has the Arduino plugin. I created the blink project but I cannot build because of the make file error:

arduino/core/ *** target pattern contains no '%'. Stop.

I also installed the Arduino plugin in Eclipse Luna with the same result.

Some googling learned me that a colon could be the problem. It is true that there exist absolute paths inside the generated make files. How can this be solved? What am I doing wrong?

Any input is welcome!


I solved this problem myself. My path was set to c:\cygwin64 for RaspBerry PI projects and that toolchain was used for my Teensy project. Installing WinAVR toolchain did solve this problem.