eclipse processing project to processing IDE


I'm currently working on a project where I'm required to use processing and have the final product run in the processing IDE, but due to the complexity of the project I'm using eclipse with the proclipse plugin for development.

I was curious if anyone knows the steps to take to make a project from eclipse run in the processing IDE.

Throughout the project I've been moving it to the processing IDE to make sure it still works, but this time when I did it, it simply wouldn't run.

I've introduced several features of the program since the previous sucessful move from eclipse to processing. These are, multiple packages, multiple threads, and two linked lists.

Below is a link to the files where I tried to get it working with processing's IDE. (sorry for the crappy hosting)

What can I do to make this compile in processing's IDE?


I figured it out in case anyone else on the interwebs has this issue...

I had to do the following to get the eclipse code to compile in processings IDE:
Remove package declarations;

remove all imports to our own files from other packages;

ensure every single class variable is listed as public/private/protected;

Remove every for each loop. to convert a for each loop to a normal loop, do a for i-size(), then declare the object type under it. cast the [fdafda].get(i) to the object type and use that;

EVERY get() method must be cast to an object type... aka

( (ArdUnit) (ards.get( 0 ) )

Enums inside of classes simply dont work. Move them outside the class;

All pop commands need to be casted to the correct type;