Eclipse / Sloeber IDE May be Set Adrift

Hi all. Don’t know how many folks here use the Eclipse / Sloeber IDE and support its developer Jantje through Patreon. But, I got an email from him this morning. He has apparently had a major falling out with Patreon and is quitting both that funding service and Sloeber development. I doesn’t look promising for future support and updates for the product.

Leaving the Patreon platform doesn't necessarily mean the end of funding. There are many other ways people could donate.

As for quitting Sloeber development, I'd wait a bit before getting too concerned. I've noticed that Jantje is somewhat prone to making strong statements driven by emotion. Hopefully they'll reconsider after they have cooled down. If not, I believe the project is open source so maybe the community will take it over and carry on. I've never used it, but it seems popular enough (and typically for the more advanced users who are most qualified for the necessary work) that there will be sufficient momentum.