eclipse with avrdude can't upload


First of all, I work with an Arduino Mega 2560 and am currently trying to get Eclipse to work with avrdude.
I followed all steps from this Tutorial.

Now I have two Problems.

The first one:
When I build my Project, the hex File is created in my "Release" Folder, but avrdude needs it in my "Debug" Folder of the Project. I tried building it as Release, but that didnt change it.

The second one (my main Problem):
When i try to Upload the Project to my Board, I am getting this Error.

Launching C:\WinAVR-20100110\bin\avrdude -pm2560 -cstk500v2 -P//./COM1 -b115200 -Uflash:w:KMD.hex:a 
avrdude: stk500_2_ReceiveMessage(): timeout.

avrdude execution aborted

I checked my boards.txt file and stk500_v2 and 115200 seem to be right.
Has anyone else encountered this Problem, or has any Idea how to solve this?

No One has an idea, or had a similar Problem before, or uses a relativ new Eclipse Version?