I’ve recently set up eclipse with support for C++ and embedded C. Is there any way I can write code for the arduino in C and get it on the board?

These articles discusses how to set up the eclipse environment to use the gcc-avr tools.

It may not be a big step from there to use avrdude to get the output to the board. I have no direct experience with this tho as I use the arduino IDE to write my C and C++ code ;)

I don’t know eclipse but if you can use a Makefile to build a C/C++ project then you can just use the command line instructions to set up your environment and you should be golden:

I do this with emacs and when I start a new project I just copy the Makefile from another project and off I go.
You have to change some paths in the Makefile before it will work but it really is as simple as that.


If you scroll down to "Upload sketches with AVRDUDE" you see that ladyada shows that you can upload a .hex file to the arduino using these settings.My question is more centered upon - what do I have to do to make a C file in Eclipse and get it to save a .hex file that I can then use AVR DUDE to upload.

Did you have a look at the article "Programming AVR with Eclipse and WinAVR" linked in reply#1 above?