As Im new at this, I woud like some help.
I bought ecoduino, and now i dont know how to upload program, what code, and with witch program (arduino 1.0.5.?)

can please someone reply

It says here: Auto_flower_watering_kit_(SKU__KIT0003)-DFRobot
That the ecoDuino board looks like an Arduino Leonardo to the IDE. So you should be able to set the board type to "leonardo" and be set to go with 1.0.5 or 1.5.x.
Other than that, I've never head of ecoDuino nor seen any discussion of it here. You might have better luck on the DFRobotics forums...

thnx, ill try to do that :slight_smile:

I dont get it,
how can I upload two samples code in one chip, can anyone explain
one is autowatering.cpp, and the other is autowatering.h
What must I do to make it works

Im just new in this as everyone before me.

will anyone help me?