ED097OC4 e ink screen

I'd like to use a ED097OC4 e ink screen with an microcontroller such as a adafruit itsybitsy m4 which is what i have now, or maybe a ESP32 or ESP8685.
There are several projects on hackaday of people who made controller boards with custom pcbs for the smaller ED060SC4.
the datasheet of the ED097OC4: http://www.universaldisplay.asia/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/ED097OC4.pdf
in this website the functions of the pins of the ED060SC4 are pretty well explained: Driving E-ink display – Essential scrap (check the links Electrical connections, Driving waveforms and Software driver)
The guy in that website said that it should be the same for other similar panels such as the ED097OC4, and here someone else made a different board that supports the ED097OC4 and another panel also: EPDiy: 9.7"/6" E-Paper controller | Hackaday.io

According to the essentialscrap.com page the signals of the Source driver, CL, LE, OE, SPH, SHR and D0 to D7 can be generated with simple IO pins, so for semplicity i would use the itsybitsy m4 or a ESP32 for that.

For the other connections which require negative voltage i would use the 24v version of this:

For the software side first i would like to see how to display individual images, but i'm not looking to do fancy greycales, just black and white. My final idea would be to be able to turn it into a sort of pc monitor. FFMPEG has a display capture function, and it's open source, so i may be able to transform the data it captures into raw monochrome pixel data and send it through the serial port to the microcontroller. However i'm concerned about how much latency this would introduce.
I've already done something like this in the past where i modified a filter of ffmpeg to send data through a pipe which i used to trigger a function of a different software (by using the screen capture feature in realtime), and the latency was not so bad.
But also the pinout of a VGA connections seems pretty simple, it may be possible to convert it to useful signals for the e ink panel directly in the microcontroller?
Any thoughts?

Here are a couple of schematics: