Edison on Arduino Carrier, no Static IP Address after using WiFi.config()


Searching hasn't turned up an answer yet.

I have brand new Edison-on-Arduino, that has been freshly configured with the latest image (I forget the image name/number (ww05-15...) but I did it last night).

I am using a freshly installed instance of the Arduino 1.6.3 IDE, in a Windows 7 computer.

I am using the 1.6.3 IDE and the WiFi library that came with it, to write "Arduino" software that gets downloaded into the Edison.

I want to assign a static WiFi IP address to my Edison.

I tried using WiFi.config() both before and after WiFi.begin() in order to assign a static IP address to my Edison's built-in BroadCom WiFi stuff.

It didn't work. The Edison is always assigned and accepts an address different from the one I specify using the config() routine.

Is this a known shortcoming of the WiFi library's ability to configure the Edison module?, or of the Edison module's ability to carry out the WiFi library's instructions?, or do we need to look at my code to find out what I am doing to sabotage myself?

PS: Please don't reflexively suggest I post the code, or start guessing that I might have an oddly configured router, or etc. unless you know that other people are able to assign a static WiFi address to an Edison ... Know what I mean? Before doing any more guessing, I first want to know if the library behavior matches the library's documentation, when it is used with the Edison version of an Arduino. Thanks!

After a week, I think one bump is in order.

I'm still hoping to get an authoritative (first-hand knowledge) answer about whether the WiFi library's config() function works as advertised, when used in the Edison-Arduino, etc. configuration I described above (or in another configuration).