Editing an existing fuzzy logic .h file

I am trying to come up with a code for a fuzzy irrigation controller that takes in 4 variables and outputs Evapotranspiration (ETO) value based on fuzzy rules. I am editing an example from github and i wish to edit their header file which has only one input and one output per rule i.e if service is poor then food is cheap.

My fuzzy rules are of the kind;
If solar radiation is Dark and Air Humidity is High and Temp is Hot and Windspeed is Fast then ETO is Medium.
I am a new user and cannot upload the following files I want to edit with notepad++.
these are the file names;


just the part Fuzzy::createRule

The files can be found at GitHub - amimaro/FuzzyLibrary: Fuzzy Logic Library for Arduino. Please Help.

Upload to where?

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Thank you very much.

Make 2 new tabs naming them xxx.cpp and xxx.h, copy and past the code into the tabs and save.

Thank you for your reply. My issue is with changing the said files to accommodate more input variables in the object createvariables.

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