Editing software custom keyboard/midi controller

Hi, I'm new here, sorry for my bad english.
I'm trying to understand if the project I have in mind is feasible, I would like to control an editing software (DaVinci Resolve 17) through electronic components (rotational encoders to move on the timeline, buttons for the shortcuts and linear potentiometers for the audio fader) .
First of all I don't know if and which Arduino can be used (I have an old Arduino Uno, Arduino Leonardo and an old Arduino Mega 2560).
Secondly, I do not know how to control a certain value (which is not directly linked to a pressable key, such as the fader) with the electronics (perhaps using some software for mapping the "keys").

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If the software doesn't support that you probably won't succeed. You can send keystrokes from an Arduino but everything that you cannot control by keystrokes or an API is probably out of reach. Have you asked the vendor about that?

I haven't asked the vendor about that.
Thanks for the answer, maybe i can try to use keystrokes to make something.

Arduino Leonardo can take MIDI commands from the computer. I use it to make my home made instruments play music from a midi player on my PC.
I guess the Leonardo can also send MIDI messages likewise. So if you build your own contrlol board with slides, rotational encoders and whatnot, you should be able to send MIDI CC messages to your computer. You just have to map your video editor to the messages.

This is a great thing, thank you.

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