Editor wont remain open through dropouts

Using Samsung Chromebook Pro and Starlink internet.
Whenever there is a brief outage or lag the editor screen is replaced by a pointless full screen "loading" page, then the editor slowly redraws the screen If I am lucky. Much of the time it logs me out over and over.
I lose at least 30 seconds out of every 5 minutes whether I typed any new code or not. If the code didn't change, don't reload the screen please. Sometimes I need to reread my code. That is impossible if my editor keeps disappearing or logging me out randomly.

It just did something similar while typing this message too. Said "Draft is being edited in another window. Please reload this page." No, it wasn't. Arduino Editor was the only other tab open.

Also, this machine has never connected to any Arduino in Chrome. They show up in dmesg and lsusb Linux Beta, and the Chrome system page, but are never functional. Genuine Uno, and several others tried.

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Bummer! I thought Elon's Internet sat's were more reliable that what you describe. I'm on also on a Samsung CB Pro/Elegoo R3 and it works fine over Wifi so I don't think the problem is with the Chromebook nor the Arduino boards.

Since you mentions dmesg and lInux Beta, I guess you are running Crostini. That would be my preferred development route but Crostini has gone MIA!

Next up, I tried ArduinoDroid app. Interesting... Edit and compile work, but couldn't download to the board. It turns out that Android <-> USB communication relies on OTG (On The Go) which Google is still not supporting on Chromebooks.

You may be having a similar comms problem from Crostini but I don't how you can test it. There is an android app in the Play Store that checks OTG: USB OTG Checkers.

My fall back was to use the Arduino Web IDE (Editor). Only thing missing is the ability to log your data to a Chromebook file. Minor bloody nuisance and I'll eventually need an SD based data logger, so that will be my workaround.

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