edrum to midi via bluetooth

I am new to Arduino so I am seeking guidance on the feasibility of this project i have planned.

I have 2 Uno's and 2 HC-05 Bluetooth things. Last night with the help of a YouTube video i got these talking.

My plan is for the slave module to register the hit on a piezo in the electronic drum. Then send the strength of the hit along with which piezo was triggered to the master module.

The master module will bundle that info into a midi packet and sent it to the Drum Module.

All this needs to happen in a matter of a few milliseconds. From hit to sound needs to be as close as possible to instant.

Last night I did a tutorial and learned how to read the piezo using analogRead(). The tutorial then said to delay(2) // wait a bit for the analog to digital converter to stabalize after the last read

I cannot afford to wait. I may play the drum 2 or more hits in rapid succession.

By the looks of what i know so far, this is not going to work.

Anyone have some insight into how I can do this?

The delay of 2ms will allow you to sample a signal 500 times a second. Sampling theory says you could sample a signal with less than half the sampling frequency. That would mean less than 250Hz.

A/D converter can convert signals that are many times faster than that. Some can sample in the GHz range (not the one in your Arduino). :slight_smile:

I would recommend you read up a bit on A/D conversion. There are a few things you need to consider.

Regarding the overall delay. The issue is more likely the Bluetooth connection.

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