EE Student Project Help?

I’m an EE student and I’m creating a project that requires a lot more coding than expected (and I’m terrible). Any ideas would be great!

I am utilizing an Arduino Mega 2560 to control everything. Basically I will have an ultrasonic sensor that will tell a linear actuator to retract when something is within 6 inches. When nothing is detected the linear actuator will remain extended.

Another ultrasonic sensor will turn on a gear motor when it detects something within 10 inches. This gear motor will run until an RGB sensor detects red, at which point it will stop for 3 seconds. The gear motor will then continue to run, until red is detected again. But this gear motor is only running when the linear actuator is in a fixed position and the ultrasonic sensor detects something with the 10 inches.

Anyways, I am at a loss, and appreciate any help I can get!

One step at a time! Learn to use the ultrasonic sensor to control one actuator, and move on from there. There are tutorials or general examples on line for all of the topics you mention.

Forum members can’t help much unless you post the details of all the hardware.

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Start small. Install the NewPing library and try the examples with your sensors

You will probably be able to control the linear actuator using the Servo library. Again there are examples

Please provide links to your sensors and actuator

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