EEk fried my lcd with pullup resistors

OK, my electronic know-how isnt great so please help me out.

I am hooking up 3 momentary buttons (RS 275-1556) and an lcd (4x20) to my RBBB. I have the LCD controller from moderndevice.

The LCD controller has 3 pins that I have hooked to +5v, G and TX on the RBBB. The lcd works fine Then I added 3 buttons. One side of each button is going to G. The other side is going to 3 rows on the bread board(one for each button). Also on that row is a wire to 5v and a wire to the digital pin. I configured the pins for input and digitalwrited them high to turn on the pullup.

Did I do this wrong?

So everything is great and when I pushed the button I was expecting that the 5v would take the path of least resistance and go through the buttons to G. What happened is that my RBBB reset itself and my screen went blank and now rows 4 and 18 on the LCD are dead. Why?

Thanks, Ben

OK...I guess I know what happened. Since by pushing the button i opened up 5v to G without a resistor in between, I sucked all the juice out of the arduino and it rebooted... Why did this short the lcd? did I get some reverse current from the lcd controller board? I checked and there is a diode on the 5v input....