Eeprom address loction

hello , i'm new in this field . i want know how to got number of address available in EEPROM 64K (8192 x 8).??? what is page write in memory?? address of page??how many line in page???

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providing the exact spec of your EERPOM would help answer... (and you could figure it out by looking at the datasheet of your EEPROM)

Presumably you are asking about an external EEPROM. If so then please provide a link to the device that you are using

as i already told i'm new so i can't under stand data sheet , data sheet tell much more but i don't understand

EEPROM 64K (8192 x 8)

The 8192 is the number of address locations in your EEPROM i.e. you can save a byte from address zero to address 8191

As far as page size, there's a good chance it's 32 bytes. That's the most common page size for EEPROM

So post a link to it here

thank you sir ,
why we required page write . Please give me brief idea abut it.

is page have address and in which condition we use page write??????????

Page write is more efficient than individual byte writes. This allows your application to send 32 bytes to the EEPROM to write in a single transaction, instead of 32 individual byte writes.

read stuff about EEPROM then, don't stay in the dark - build up knowledge

here is an application note that might be informative for example

Thank a lot . i will be grateful to you :pray

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