EEPROM alternative

Is there any alternative to EEPROM? Can we somehow keep portion of flash saved aside to be used as persistent storage?

I had a similar question in the beta-testers forum.

In the datasheet for the chip it says that EEPROM does exist, but it seems Adurino just hasn't decided to give us access to it. (if someone from Arduino could comment on this that would be nice)

Could somebody help us from Arduino team? Is there a alternative for save data in EEPROM?


Hi, you can try with this:


This topic has been discussed on the Arduino Zero forum: The Zero uses a similar SAMD21 Cortex M0+ processor.

I ended up using the MicroChip’s 24LC256, I2C, 32kB external EEPROM, it’s cheap, widely available in a variety of 8 pin packages and is easy to use.