Eeprom and app inventor

hello friends of the forum. I wanted to ask you if it is possible through the inventor app to send the data in bluetooth to arduino and this save it in the internal eeprom can also erase. That could be important data for the operation of the circuit or password, ecc. Thank you

Let's break down the question

  • Can you send data from App Inventor to the Arduino via Bluetooth ?
    Answer : Yes
  • Can the Arduino save data to EEPROM ?
    Answer : Yes

Put the two together and the combined answer is yes

I imagined that it could be 99% safe but the problem is how?

How what ?

Have you passed data from App Inventor to the Arduino via Bluetooth ?

Have you saved data to EEPROM on the Arduino ?

send data via bluetooth there are no problems I never used the eeprom as the first problem I know that there may be a loop problem for it, for what I know, it is convenient that the program code is in void setup and not in void loop and my second problem that Other sensor data arrive, such as differentiating with the data to save or delete and those that are not. Thank you

Is all of the data being received via Bluetooth from App Inventor ? If so, then if you format it correctly then you can receive and parse it using the techniques described in Serial input basics - updated

Let's deal with the EEPROM once the data has been received and parsed so that it can be used

I try to solve with the data you gave me. Thank you

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