EEPROM and Intterruption

Just an easy-to-ask (maybe not so easy to answer) question: Is it possible to read and/or write arudiono's eeprom memory during and interruption???

Best, Diego

If you mean can the eeprom be read or written while inside a ISR (interrupt service routine) then yes it can. That is not a common thing to do but there is nothing in hardware or software to prevent you from doing it. Do be aware that writing to eeprom requires timing considerations, eeproms are quicker to read then to write to.


I'm havng trouble doing it. If I try to read inside the interruption, I loose the conection with a DS1307 clock :S

You could, in the ISR, set a global variable to indicate that a value needs to be read from EEPROM.

Each pass through loop, see if that flag is set. If so, read the value from the EEPROM.

Do this BEFORE the code where the value read from the EEPROM is referenced.

Uhmmm nice shot! I wil try it!