EEPROM - ASCII character from decimal representation

When i read data from eeprom using:;

I get decimal representation of ASCII character (When i have "A" in ASCII i get 65 as output). How i can really fast convert this value to ASCII ?
Maybe there is a trick like Serial.print (data, HEX);
Alternatively, I can use some library.

This is in ASCII, that is what ASCII is. It is a number that stands for a alphanumeric character.

Well that just gives you the same number in hexadecimal form, it is still the same number.

What exactly are you expecting?

This will print an 'A':

Serial.print ((char) data);

Is that what you want?

Hi @thorourd
test this way;

result = 65;
  Serial.write (result);

print A.
RV mineirin

char c = (char);
Now when you do
you will get the ASCII char

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