EEPROM compiling error

I had the program 'weather230' up and running for quite a while. Then my computer crashed and I needed to do a complete restore of windows 10.
After that I cannot get Arduino to compile the sketch. I had compiled the program hundreds of times with no problems. But now no luck.
I have downloaded Arduino IDE many times with no luck.
This is a small test program of what is not compiling for me.

// ================== FRAM non-volatile memory ====================
#include "Adafruit_EEPROM_I2C.h" // for FRAM external non-volatile memory
Adafruit_EEPROM_I2C i2ceeprom;
#define EEPROM_ADDR 0x50 // the default address!

uint8_t RainPtrHourly = 0; //pointer to the newest hourly rain number
uint8_t RainPtr2week = 0; //pointer to the newest 2 week rain number

void setup() {

void loop() {

void BackupToFRAM() { // backup data to the EEPROM
i2ceeprom.write8(2511, RainPtrHourly);
i2ceeprom.write8(2512, RainPtr2week);

I get an error "class Adafruit_EEprom_I2C 'has no member named 'write8' "

The read8 and write8 used to work in the 'weather230' program. I don't know what changed.

Try here

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Have you checked what version the EEPROM library is on? Is there a newer version or an older version you might have missed in the past.
Look at the .h file in the library and see if it contains those missing methods.

It is possible that the Adafruit_EEPROM_I2C library changed since the version you were using. Take a look at the library examples to see if they changed the interface.

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