EEPROM documentation query

I've just bought a brand new UNO which, according to the specs on the website, has 1k of EEPROM.

Looking up and EEPROM.write in the reference section of thw website it states...


address: the location to read from, from 0 to 511 (int)

Does this mean I can only access the first 512 bytes of the EEPROM? How do I access the rest of it?

An int goes up to 65535

I do know the range of an unsigned int, but I was asking if using 0 to 1023 would be correct, as this not what the docs say.

You should be able to read and write all the EEPROM bytes. I updated the documentation to reflect this.


It also would make sense to add to the documentation that the addresses wrap around, e.g. on UNO, accessing EEPROM address 1024 has the same effect as accessing address 0.