EEPROM equivalent on DUE

The DUE doesn't have EEPROM, but I'd like to acheive the same functionality using part of it's flash...

How do I do this?




So what was the problem with the library that you find with a Google search on;

"EEPROM equivalent on DUE"

I would like to know, I was after something similar myself, although adding an external EEPROM or FRAM is not difficult.

The DueFlashStorage library can "emulate" an EEPROM, although you have to know how often you will write into the flash. This Library comes with simple examples.

Nevertheless, flash memory is writable maybe 10K times which is not much !!!

First, calculate the number of writings for the duration you will use your software.

If you have very few writings and few variables to store, you can consider using the 6 General Purpose Non Volatile Memory bits GPNVM bits (bits 3 to 8 are available and not used by the uc) in flash , or the 8 32 bits General Purpose Back up Registers GPBR in SRAM (but don't power off the board to keep values in GPBR ).