EEPROM for MEGA Troubleshooting

Dear all, I have succesfully interfaced ArduinoMega serially through usb, sending byte byte using Microsoft Visul Studio. Data is succesfully transfered and stored in integers. FOR example, having succesfully storing # 323.

Regarding EEPROM i managed to save 3 in address 0 2 in address 1 3 in address 2 Now my problem is this. When the user resets system, and enters for example a new # (always incrementing), i.e. 324 how can arduino know to save 323 in addreses 3,4,5???


You should move the first bit of data to higher memory locations, and save the next location in the first n bytes. How many bytes to use depends on how many values you need to/have space to store. Up to 255 values requires 1 byte. More than that requires 2 bytes. You won't need more than 2.