EEPROM library - eeprom.h compilation error

I am using Arduino 1.5.8 on a desktop computer running Windows 8.1 to program a Due board.

My offending code line is:

#include <eeprom.h>

Here is the compile error message:

Maxwell.ino:4:20: fatal error: eeprom.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated
Error compiling

I have copied EEPROM.h and EEPROM.cpp files from an internet source into an EEPROM Folder contained within a libraries folder within my Arduino folder contained within Program Files on my C drive.

Any thoughts? This has to be something simple I have missed but I have looked almost everywhere.
Eeprom on a Due?

Yes. I just have a few bytes to save and I have the read/write code already written. I thought the EEPROM library would be a simple add to my program.

Well, the library would be a fairly simple add, but actually putting some EEPROM on a Due will take you a little while.

Ok. I have the time for the EEPROM writes and reads. But what do I need to change to get the EEPROM library include statement to compile?

Maybe I've been too subtle so far.
How much EEPROM does the Due have?

Yes AWOL you were too subtle. The Due has no EEPROM so no need for the library. Thank you for stopping me from trying to solve a non-problem.