EEPROM library problems

Please excuse the newbie questions but I have several INO files that someone else made. I have used the same INO in previous versions of the IDE and they compiled and uploaded with no problems but now I can't seem to get the IDE (v 1.8.12 in Windows 7) to work on these INO files. It keeps choking on the Etherkit Si5351 library and the EEPROM library. I know I have to use the Etherkit Si5351 v2.0.1 library but when I tell libary manager to instal 2.0.1 it says 2.1.4 is installed and I can't seem to eliminate the later versions. It must be this version and not newer versions.

The other issue is that the IDE stops with EEPROM errors and yet EEPROM.h is supposed to be installed as part of the IDE. I have even copied the EEPROM directory with EEPROM.H in that directory and it still does not like it.

What might I be missing?

Thank you.

when I tell libary manager to instal 2.0.1 it says 2.1.4 is installed and I can’t seem to eliminate the later versions.

Please provide a more detailed description of the exact set of steps you followed and the exact output from the Arduino IDE.

the IDE stops with EEPROM errors

Please do this:

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The error message exceeded 9000 characters so it is attached.

The Uno board is the same one I used a couple months ago to program others and using IDE 1.8.11. I did an uninstall of 1.8.11 and erased the directory it was in plus the directory that had the gazillion libraries so that I could do a clean install. I then installed v 1.8.12 and when I select Verify/Compile of the sketch it generates the above errors. As you can see, it sees multiple copies of the 2 libraries (Si5351 and EEPROM) but they are the same. It was just my attempt to get the right libraries. I see it says it is using the Si5351 V2.0.1 library which is the correct one.

Thank you for your help.

IDE-Errors.txt (11.1 KB)

I don't know how you managed to get the 2.1.4 version of the library in the Si5351Arduino-2.0.1 folder, but you can fix this by deleting C:\Users\Living Room\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Si5351Arduino-2.0.1. Please be very careful when deleting things from your computer. When in doubt, back up!

The problem you were having with Library Manager is because it installs the library to C:\Users\Living Room\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Etherkit_Si5351 but when there are multiple copies of a library installed, the Arduino IDE gives preference to the one that is in a folder name that more closely matches the .h filename. Since the file name is si5351.h, your messed up manual installation of the library is being used instead of the Library Manager installation of the library. Once you delete the manual installation, the Library Manager installation will be used and you can then choose which version of the library you want via Library Manager.

There are no EEPROM library related errors in the output you provided, so we'll hope that problem has gone away. If not, just post the new output you get after you've fixed the Etherkit_Si5351 library problem.