EEPROM not being erased

I'm trying to use EEPROM to save some numbers when the prototype is unplugged. The project is a pool ball counter, and I want it to save the scores of the players along with two other numbers. I'm able to write the numbers, but if I want to reset them back to zero, it's not working. After reading up on EEPROM, reducing the number of writes is good, so if the score needs to get reset, I can just reset the global variables tracking the score and just write when the score is <> 0. But then I have the issue that, if a score is, for example, 12-0, only the 12 will be saved. I guess the question is, does the EEPROM.put() ignore zero values?

Nevermind. One of the variables being saved was an int array, so I was passing the two-element array in. I suddenly realized that put() writes only one byte-at-a-time.