EEPROM only reads 255, can't write

EDIT: So sorry, I now figured out the problem! Moderators, please remove if you need.
I was sending MSB address when it wasn't needed, so removing that part fixed the problem:

  //Wire.write((int)(eeaddress >> 8));   // MSB
  Wire.write((int)(eeaddress & 0xFF)); // LSB

Hi, I'm trying to dump an 24C08 EEPROM from a A2DP audio receiver module.

I have now tried 3 different eeprom(desoldered all to tssop breakout!) and none of them seem to give me anything but 255.

I can detect all of them with I2C scanner in locations 0x50 to 0x53.

If I plugin normal DIP eeporm(24C256) to same breadboard position it works well(only detected in 0x50), so wiring is supposedly ok. I got 4.7k pullups. Everything is grounded, except 5V power and data lines.
I checked all of the TSSOP connections that they work and aren't shorted.

What is the possible cause? I have now tested 24C08A and 24C08C and 24C08.

Many people online seem to have succeeded in this task, but for the life of me I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.
Could the heat break every single one of them, so that I can only scan them, but not read the data?

Here's the thing I'm trying to achieve:

Thanks for reading!

Hi Tuppe

Could you please post the code you are using to read the EEPROM contents (use code tags, the “#” button above the row of smileys).

I checked all of the TSSOP connections that they work and aren’t shorted.

These are the connections on the TSSOP breakout board? Have you tested them all the way to the actual pin on the IC, or just to where the header pin is soldered to the breakout.



Yes, the code was indeed the problem, I just edited the starting post.

I've used 24C256 before, which needed the MSB bit in the code.

I'm sorry that I needed to make a thread before figuring this out. I had this problem for 2 days and figured it out in 10 minutes after posting.