EEPROM stops write rfid tag at 255 in the EEPROM please help

Hi all,

This is my first project so thought I would use some code from Git Hub. I have tried adding more than 60 RFID tags onto my EEprom and have noticed that it stops adding after 255, Attched.

Many thanks

rfid-eeprom-uno.ino (24.1 KB)

Note that the maximum value of a byte is 255. If you need to store higher numbers, you will need to use a larger data type, such as an unsigned int. You can read and write unsigned int data types from/to EEPROM using EEPROM.get() and EEPROM.put(). Just keep in mind that each unsigned int takes two bytes of EEPROM, so you need to increment your EEPROM addresses accordingly (e.g. if the first record starts at address 0, the second record starts at address 2).

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