EEPROM Storage


The code is attached below:

In the following code (which my friend mailed to me), right in the beginning of Setup() routine, a for loop is used to copy data from EEPROM. Please guide me how it works. How EEPROM already knows that gyro_address in stored in eeprom_data[32] location as I didn’t stored its address at that location…

I’m in really need of this help. A little help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance…

YMFC-AL_Flight_controller.ino (40.4 KB)


code file is attached. kindly check it


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for(start = 0; start <= 35; start++)eeprom_data[start] =;

Reads EEPROM addresses 0–35 into an array called eeprom_data, which isn’t really all that helpful, because EEPROM reads are pretty fast anyway.

The code is comprehensive, but I can see a few places where it is unnecessarily wordy or slower than needs to be, but that’s not your question.

To answer that - there is NOWHERE in that code which WRITES to the EEPROM, so I’m guessing the original author has a separate program he used to calibrate the system - which writes the ‘constants’ to the EEPROM before this code is loaded and run. Which in turn may be a huge waste of effort, as the constants are constant - so why use EEPROM, when they could be stored in PROGMEM with a little thought & effort ?

thanks for replying. You were right about your opinion. The author of the code has written another code file for storing info to EEPROM.

Thanks. Stay blessed